Terms & Conditions

1. Preamble


This document defines the terms of service which you agree to abide by through continued use of our service to view and/or purchase our products. We recommend you print and read through this document thoroughly. We also recommend you read back through the document regularly as this may be updated at any time without any notice to you.


Please read our separate privacy policy document for details of how we handle your personal information.


2. Terms of Reference


Us, We, Our ('lilcraftshop.co.uk’)

You ('the customer')

Goods (crafts and products sold by Us)


3. About Us


lilscraftshop.co.uk is based in the United Kingdom and is owned by Lynda Hackney as a sole trader business. We primarily trade in the UK but we may at our own discretion accept orders from international addresses for which all international shipping charges may be applied. Such orders will be subject to their own customs and taxes. You have the right to cancel if these additional charges are not acceptable to you.


4. Electronic Communication Policy


We will use email to service customer orders, respond to customer enquiries and deliver any important information such as the prices for our services via our website.


All prices quoted on our website exclude delivery charges. You will have the opportunity to review the full charge for any order you make via our shopping cart system. Until further notice we do not charge VAT on our orders.


We reserve the right via notification on our website to increase the charge of your order at any stage in the order process before delivery and at any time before the order process. Any increase will be down to external factors including but not limited to; cost of materials, costs of labour and costs of manufacture. In this instance you will have the right to review and/or cancel your order at any time before delivery.


You are encouraged to check our website on a regular basis where our prices will be continually reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in cost.


5 When registering with and using lilscraftshop.co.uk


It is not compulsory to register with the shopping cart for this website, however we recommend doing so to take advantage of our services such as wish list and faster order.


The website shopping cart is provided by an externally sourced script and as such we cannot be held responsible for any technical problems with registration or website purchases. We will make every effort to keep stock information accurate and up to date.


It is your responsibility to make sure the information you provide about yourself is accurate and up to date so we can deliver our goods and services to you.


You are responsible for notifying us via the shopping cart of any changes to your circumstances and/or personal information.


You are responsible for keeping your password up to date and make sure it is not transferred to any individual or third party. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, fraud or damage to your password security on your part.


We reserve the right to terminate any transaction and/or continued use of this website if we find any activity with this site has been fraudulent or we cannot verify your details or identity.


In order to make any purchases via our website you must be of legal age and legally capable of entering into a legally binding online contract.


Continued use of lilscraftshop.co.uk is subject to the following general terms and conditions.


  • That you are the account owner with your own unique username and password, are of legal age and/or that you have permission from a parent or guardian to make your purchase.
  • That you take absolute and reasonable care with your account information including your password. You should not give or transfer your account information including your password to any other individual or third party.
  • We reserve the right to use the information you give us to take reasonable steps to perform checks on your identity before any goods are sold to you by us.
  • We reserve the right to withhold sale of any goods if there are any or all of the following issues with your order that cannot be reasonably resolved


    • You fail to pay the balance of your order(s)
    • You breach the conditions of use of this website whether repeatedly or once only
    • You are impersonating any other individual, agency or company
    • When requested by us to do so, you fail to provide us within a reasonable time with sufficient information to enable us to determine the accuracy and validity of any information supplied by you, or your identity
  • We suspect you are defrauding us, or any individual, agency or company in attempting to make a sale via our website.


Once your order has been processed you should download proof of payment and receipt information from our payment provider PayPal.


6. Offers and promotions


All promotions are subject to availability and are unique to each other and cannot be transferred. You cannot use any offer or promotion in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.


We reserve the right to change or withdraw offers, promotions or sale items at any time and without prior notice.


Any offer expiry dates or coupon expiry dates are final.


7. Payment for Services


When placing an order for our goods you agree:

  • That you must have valid means to pay
  • You will use PayPal in order to complete your transaction. You will have to opportunity to nominate a credit or debit card for payment rather than your PayPal balance if you wish.
  • All orders are subject to availability and stock
  • That it is your responsibility to make sure your details are accurate and up to date.
  • That we will carry out any reasonable checks to ensure that funds have cleared from your account before we send your goods to you
  • You have the right to cancel or pre-order until the item becomes available. This is subject to valid contact information for you continuing to be available throughout this process so we can arrange payment and dispatch. It is your responsibility to make sure these details remain up to date


Payment will usually be made by PayPal or any credit/debit card via the PayPal service which is external to our website. You have the option via PayPal to debit your balance to your credit or debit card.


When you place an order with us you confirm that you have the correct balance to pay for your order(s)


  • Delivery


Upon acceptance of your order we will deliver your goods to the address you specify as your “delivery” address in the order process. This delivery address may or may not be separate from your “billing” address.


All delivery dates are approximate. While we cannot be held liable for any delays in delivery (for any cause) after dispatch we will always endeavour to dispatch and deliver your goods within the estimate.


Once the goods have been delivered to your address they will be left under your care and at your risk unless any goods require signing for.


8. Rights of Cancellation


You have the right to cancel any goods you have purchased from us at any time before order dispatch.


If after receiving your order you decide you wish to cancel you may do so with a written notice to us referencing any order number, your name and details of your order.


Cancellation is subject to our agreement. Upon agreement to cancel we will provide you with instructions on how to return your goods to us.


We will offer you a refund of the full purchase price, including the cost of delivery for sending the goods to you, and the cost incurred by you in returning the goods to us, if it:

1.                Has been damaged on delivery

2.                Is in a faulty condition

3.                Develops a fault within 7 days of delivery

4.                You did not order this item but it has come to you in error.


We may on certain occasions offer a free replacement for your order for damaged or faulty goods less than 7 days of delivery of your order.


If we discover we have sold you incorrectly priced or described goods, we reserve the right to cancel your order and inform you of such a cancellation via the email address you give us. You will have the option of a refund or replacement item at the correct value or product description.


We will not issue a refund or replacement goods in the case of damaged goods after delivery or through misuse not in accordance with any instructions provided for the goods; any normal wear and tear or if the goods have been removed from their packaging. Your statutory rights are not affected.


9. Liability


Your use of lilscraftshop.co.uk and the lilscraftshop shopping cart is at your own risk


We are not liable for.... 


Any transmission of viruses, Trojans, worms or any associated malware through use of this website.


We cannot make any guarantees and cannot be held responsible for any server downtime while using the site.


We cannot be held liable for any delays to our service to you through any external factors outside our control, including but not limited to, natural disaster of any kind, political changes, matters of civil unrest, terrorist attacks, war and rebellion.


10. General Terms and Conditions


By accepting these conditions you:


Undertake that all the details you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the goods are correct and that the payment card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods ordered.


Undertake that any and all goods ordered by you are for your own private or domestic use only and not for resale


You authorise us to use the personal information you provide to service, process and deliver your goods.


You authorise us to contact you if there are any problems collecting payment for your order and to cancel your order if reasonable steps cannot be taken to collect your payment.


We will take all reasonable care, in so far as it is in our power to do so, to keep the details of your order and payment secure, but in the absence of negligence on our part, we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party procures unauthorised access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from our website.


Any failure through negligence or otherwise to comply with our part in this terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver on your part to comply with these terms.